Vendor-Managed Inventories

DS Smith was the first in the industry to implement a Vendor-Managed Inventory service, ensuring the correct reels are delivered on time, without the need to place a specific order.

How do vendor-managed inventories work?

At DS Smith, all of our reels are uniquely labelled according to the European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers (FEFCO) guidelines. Ensuring that our finished paper products are fully traceable through the supply chain - from our paper mills and right through our customers’ operations.

With the help of our labelling system, reels can easily be scanned when they arrive at our customers’ sites and before they are used in production. An alert telling DS Smith to immediately replace these reels is then automatically triggered.

vendor managed inventories.jpgThe benefits of Vendor-Managed Inventories

With our Vendor-Managed Inventory service, our customers have the backing of DS Smith as a strategic partner. By cutting operational and inventory costs, our service will help our customers gain the competitive edge they need to grow in today’s challenging business environment.

The system is electronic and automatic, which cuts costs and time for our customers. Customers only pay for the reels they scan and use, which improves working capital and ensures better time management and greater resource efficiency.

Through tackling our customers’ challenges, we provide solutions that have benefits throughout the whole supply chain. 

Clear Reel Identification

We use a high-quality printing technique, ensuring our labels can be easily read at all times, whether you use handheld scanners or pen scanners. So you always know exactly what reels you are using as they pass through your onward production processes.

Our unique reel identifiers are a crucial part of how we help our customers save time and money through vendor-managed inventories. Please see an example of our reel label below.

Landscape A3 reel label

1. Product name 8. Paper web length
2. Basis weight (nominal)         9. Production date
3. Reel width 10. Peel-off labels 1: barcode 1
4. Mill name 11. Peel-off labels 2: barcode 2
5. Unwind direction 12. Barcode 2 + 1
6. Core inner diameter 13. Reel number 14 digits
    + reel diameter + topside 14. Special handling information
7. Reel weight                                              15. Other information


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